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UK Restoration Services

Heritage Building Contractors

UK Restoration Services is a highly skilled team of Restoration professionals. Working around the UK working on Private Houses, Cottages, Estates, Timber Buildings, Monuments & New Construction.

We are a family business run by directors that are on site & are involved with ever stage of the contracts. This means decisions can be made on site quickly. We have a excellent reputation for problem solving, also a adapt and overcome attitude.

We also clean buildings & monuments using our specialist technical services, these include Super Heated Steam or (Doff) cleaning this uses a Super Heat water under pressure at around 150 C. We have a Farrow low pressure cleaning system using water, air pressure & media.









Live Restoration Projects

Restoration Projects we are currently working on.

Restoration of Former Public House

Ancoats, Manchester

February 2014


Lime Plastering Heraklith Infill Panels on Oak Frame Listed Building

Salford, Manchester

We started work on this fomer public house in February 2014. We are undertaking structural repairs & re-roofing works. The lead lined gutters has been leaking for a number of years causing internal & external damage.



We are currently making new timber gutters as the original ones had decayed. We are installing new code 6 lead to the gutters & lead welding in neoprene expansion joints.



The existing roofing slates were not of the best quality, so we are installing a new welsh slate to the roof.






We started work on this project in Mid November 2012. The client required a Lime Plasterer to Lime Plaster the internal Heraklith panels of this Listed Oak Frame Building.



We used a NHL Lime based Plaster with natural Goat Hair.



A Lime Putty based Skim Coat Lime Plaster is being used to Skim the NHL Base coats.



Heraklith panels before Lime Plastering

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