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Damp in Stone Wall

Lime Pointing Stone Farmhouse, Rimington, Lancashire

This project involved Lime Pointing the Gable & Rear elevations to this Period Farmhouse in Rimington Nr Clitheroe Lancashire. The stone walls had previously been pointed with a cement based mortar. This cement pointing does not allow the walls to breathe, dampness is therefore trapped within the stone walls.

Dampness in Stone Wall

As you can see from the photo, the damp in the stone wall has turned the cement mortar a darker colour. The farmhouse is built from a local Limestone, this has less breakability that a sandstone would.

The stone walls had been pointed 3 years previously so the mortar was very hard.

Removing Cement Pointing from Stone Wall

Our Restoration Team use small air tools to remove the hard cement from the gable wall. The existing lime mortar was very damp when we removed the cement mortar, large sections of the Lime Mortar had decayed with being in a damp state.


Lime Pointing Limestone

We used a Hydraulic Lime Mortar or NHL Lime to point the elevations. With the larger joists we used pinning stone to reinforce the lime mortar joint.

Our Restoration team used a Lime Putty based mortar to fill any void in the wall, the mortar was raked back for over pointing at a later date.

Lime Pointing Gable Wall We erected a access scaffolding on the elevations.
Lime Pointing The Lime Mortar Pointing
Hydraulic Lime Mortar Pointing and more Lime Pointing
Lime Pointing and more Lime Pointing
Sheeting Lime Pointing We used hessian sheets to cover the elevations, this prevents the Lime Pointing from drying to quickly. Most NHL Lime Mortar need to be sheeted to stop them drying to quickly.
Lime Mortar Pointing Lancashire and more sheeting
Lime Pointing Stonework Also as part of the contract we cleaned the stone window sets using a diamond grinding wheel. We also cut drip lines into the window sills. The lime pointing has now been sheeted over from about 7 days to help setting.
Lime Pointing on Pike Pike of gable wall Lime Pointed
House pointed in Lime Mortar Gable wall Lime Pointed
Farmhouse with Lime Mortar Farmhouse in Rimington, Gisburn, Clitheroe, Lancashire. We used a Hydraulic Lime Mortar to re-point the front and rear Stone Walls. This Lime Pointing project took 8 weeks to complete.


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